DrumStick Farming Success Story – Beed, Maharashtra

Odisa and Moringa Drumstick saplings and Drip irrigation systems were distributed free of cost to farmers with the help from NGOs dedicated towards social causes like Manavlok Ambajogai & Save Indian Farmers(SIF). Using this opportunity, farmers have received huge income by taking drumstick crop on barren land with the efficient use of water.

This is indeed a story of diligent farmer Mr. Shripati Chamnar, from village Yelda, which is located in Ambajogai block of Beed district from Maharashtra, India. He has been able to take higher crop production of drumstick in such often drought affected area facing water scarcity. Both Manavlok and Save Indian Farmers helped him with the sapling of drumsticks and Drip irrigation kits; as a result he was able to receive income of one Lakh of rupees from this activity.


Yelda is an under developed village. There are no employment opportunities available there. Most of the people from the Yelda are traditional farmers who implement traditional techniques of agriculture, that are often affected by drought and lack of water. Most of the people do not gain enough money from their crop, so they take loan from the local moneylenders to buy seeds, fertilizers, manure to get a good harvest. If the harvest is not optimal or crop failure occurs, the farmer is not able to get enough money to close the Debt. So, the farmer again takes personal loan to grow more crops, sell them and to pay back the previous loans. This vicious cycle is a continuous process in which many farmers get captured. This also drives many farmers to commit suicide. Now the family members are further driving into poverty which not only affect them economically but psychologically too.

In such a circumstance a 50 years old farmer Shripathi Chamnar who choose other way to face this utmost challenges. Previously he was taking cotton crop but because of changing climate & insufficient water he didn’t received enough income from it.

Shripathi could not achieve in traditional farming what he always believed to do something extraordinary, different in agriculture. Subsequently Shripathi came to know about both Manavlok and Save Indian Farmers (SIF). Both these NGOs extended their assistance (drumstick saplings and drip irrigation) to many farmers like Shripati so that they were able to successfully come out of that situation. Also drumstick is having lots of demand in market due to its medicinal use. With this idea in mind, Shripati chamnar implemented drumstick farming in his once infertile farm field.


Shripati planted 1600 drumstick saplings in two acre. These saplings were sowed at distance of 10 x 6 feet & in depth of 1×1 feet respectively. He used Jiwa-amrut, cow dung as manure/fertilizer which means to be pure organic farming due to this he was able to reduce extra expenditure. Productions of drumstick started after 6 month from this drumsticks sapling were planted. Usually, drumstick crop is not prone to any disease, insect. Drumstick tree need less space gives high production less expenditure with high income for farmer.

Drumstick is a crop which consumes less water, has shelf life and requires low initial capital investment. As drumstick requires less water for growth, it is an apt crop to grow in water scarce region. Also, drip irrigation can be used to grow the crop. An added advantage is it has high shelf life, which means the probability of the crop getting spoiled during transportation and storage is minimal. Actually, these saplings were watered 5 to 6 days in a week and harvest was taken in a week. Every drumstick is approximately 2 to 2.5 feet. 5 to 6 such drumsticks will weight approximately 1 kg. It cost 60 to 70 rupees per kg in market. In the same drumstick fields, he has also taken mixed crops of ladies finger, bringer, tomato & maize. Shripati is now expecting income of atleast two lakhs from 4000 kg of drumstick crop production this season. With low investment he could earn steady income this year. Thus results in improvement in their standard of living and quality of life.


Shripati says, “ Mostly cotton crop was taken in my village Yelda so I was searching for alternate option. When I learned about Manavlok and save Indian farmers who have come up with a drumstick plantation initiative to improve the better life of farmers through agriculture income efficient, I decided to carry out this activity in my farm. Now I’m happy since I’m receiving more benefits & income through drumstick rather than traditional crops.”
Source: Save Indian Farmers

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